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Rob, I might need to email you [...]

Niki Westman
- 09-20-2019 18:09:05

Rob, I might need to email you about this, but if you see this message, please respond.  Do you have any suggestions for the following question? 

g) Describe your organization’s post-secondary experience and if you have equivalent experience, describe why you believe it to be equivalent.
So far, I have written:

VREC Solar installed an 80 kW grid-tie solar photovoltaic system at College of the Rockies in Cranbrook BC, and a smaller grid-tie system at Quest University in Squamish BC.  We are familiar with the particular needs of post-secondary institutions, such as working collaboratively with the multiple contractors employed by the institution, with respect to logistics, coordinating delivery schedules, shared equipment needs on site (such as cranes), building codes, permitting, cold climates, First Nations’ social and cultural values,