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450W 550W 650W Solar Panel PV Modules Factory in China

by "Solar" <solar@550pvmodules.com> - 09-26-2022 03:54:44

Hi, Dear:

We have 450W 550W 650W 375W 405W(Full black) for on grid,solar plant, solar power station.


For solar inverter: we have: 

1) Basic function: off grid solar inverter 3.5KW 5.5KW (SolarPro series, can connect solar panel, batteries, and utility), 

2) Latest technology:  Hybrid solar inverter SolarPolo 6kw, which can support self-comsumption and can feed the grid (sell power to the mains/utility.)


SankoPower LIFEPO4 Lithium Battery pack are solar storage system. We have three groups: 1500 & 3000 & 6000 cycles


We also strong at portable power 500W 600W 1500W 2000W.

Please add my WhatsApp, and please send inquiry to me, Sales Manager Solar will quote you immediately. 
We look for sales rep and distributors. Thank you, dear.

Ms. Solar Won
Mobile/Whatsapp: +8613431217430 ( wa.me/8613431217430 )
Email: solar@solarsystem.com.hk

SankoPower Solar System – Your One Stop Solar Solutions Factory in China

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