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The world's most convinient indoor and outdoor integrated energy storage system

by NPS ENERGY <yy72yf6ktovt@ounkn.com> - 02-06-2023 05:32:47

Dear Sir,

NPS-E series integrates hybrid inverters, BMS and lithium batteries, making it the world's largest, safest and most convenient indoor & outdoor energy storage system.

1. The most unique design: Aluminum body, the world's first;
2. The most convenient: installation free. You can just push it around to wherever you need.
3.The most cost-effective: With one unit price, you can have multiple product experience such as indoor & outdoor appliciations, residential application and small industrial & commercial application.
4.The safest: NPS's original built-in fire protection device solves the fire risk of batteries from the root.

Pls feel free to contact us if you need further information.