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The World’s Largest Indoor/Outdoor All-in-one Energy Storage System: NPS-E series

by NPS ENERGY <o2dxohsel75c@lfx666.com> - 02-09-2023 18:59:56

Dear sir/madam,

NPS-E is a product that integrates hybrid inverter, BMS, LiFePO4 battery and first-in-kind fire extinguishing device. 

This product is installation free and can be moved around freely, which means that not only can it be used indoors, but also it can be moved outdoors to provide emergency power supply and safe & stable power to outdoor equipment. Its built-in fire extinguishing device, which is the first-in-kind in the world, can eliminate fire accident of the batteries from the root.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more.

Kind regards,


NPS Team