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Experience the Convenience and Affordability of Moredeal AI Writer with a 50% Discount Coupon

by Moredeal <1m7czrooxfym@mizhuai.com> - 05-19-2023 15:02:58


It's great to be in touch with you again!

We wanted to let you know about some new features we've added. Firstly, Writing Copilot enables you to perform editing operations directly within the article interface. Secondly, AI ChatBot can answer questions about selected articles. And thirdly, we've added a new statistical function for daily data analysis

We recently published a blog post on our website titled "[12 Moredeal AI Writer Article Templates to Streamline Your Blog Post Writing]". In this article, we introduce 12 multi-step templates for writing 12 types of articles, covering various aspects of your writing, and you can try them out.  We also provide a number of templates that you can try out. You can access the templates at the following URL:[https://www.mdc.ai/moredeal-ai-writer-template-market-demo/#/market/goods]

We invite you to check out our blog post and try out Moredeal AI Writer for yourself. For more information, please see our official website. And this week we have a 50% off coupon. (Coupon code:PMS9YUEC) . Don't miss the chance!

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. You can also join our Discord server.

Best regards,
Moredeal Team.