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600W power, 2500W Luggage Battery Pack wholesale factory price

by "Ms Solar Wan" <SankoPowerGroup@letter.650pvmodules.cn> - 10-10-2023 12:46:39
600W power, 2500W Luggage Battery Pack wholesale factory price
Hello, Guys!
How are you?
I write you this third email, are you interested in below popular and new products?  Please take our wholesale prices into consideration, thank you. And please do write me a reply!
Sankopower 600w portable power bank: Economical model for African country! Very competitive price and big capacity!
600W  portable power  225USD  for 500pcs per order, support OEM label
2500W pull rod box, Luggage Battery Pack, easy to move,   995USD each,  200pcs stock
-- Supply 95% of home appliances
-- Easy to move
-- Fast charge 2.5 hours, support solar charge
-- with parallel function, 2pcs can parallel to 5kw solar system
--with 2200W inverter built in, and 2500Wh battery storage
Sankopower produce and focus on home solar system, 3.5kw 5.5kw 6kw 10kw 1 phase and 3 phase too.
Please check our website: www.sankopower.com  for more solar home system.
Or please whatsapp sales director Ms Solar Won:
Mobile/Whatsapp: +8613431217430
Email/Skype: solar@solarsystem.com.hk

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