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Factory Customise Solar Lights

by Tina <sales03@opshine.com> - 11-02-2023 14:45:45
Factory Customise Solar Light For You

Dear  main2,

Do you need to customise the shape of your solar lights?

We are professional in making customised solar lights for our customers since 2008

Lots of our customers ask us Appearance design+Structural design+Open product moulds+produce large order of solar light for them

It takes total 2-3 months, then the product is for this customer only,they can apply patent certificate with this product.

We customised lots of popular solar lights for our customers,very beautiful shane+good quality,they are all very happy with it

We are professional in solar lights,we produce good quality solar lights only.

Would you like to cooperation with us about customise solar lights ?

Best regards,


Shenzhen Opshine Technology Co.,LTD

Address: 2 Floor ,Shilin industrial Building, Taiwan Industrial Area, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

MP:+86 18682370535







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