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Are EV Charging Stations in Your Plans?

by George <ievpower@hxsjlkb.cn> - 06-20-2023 15:10:59


I am George, Co-Founder of iEVPower. On behalf of iEVPower, I am writing to explore potential cooperation opportunities with your company. As a leading OEM EV charger manufacturer from China, we specialize in developing customized electric vehicle charging solutions tailored to your diverse needs.

We would relish the opportunity to work with you to build white label EV chargers and charging infrastructure under your brand.

We handle everything in-house, from R&D and component sourcing to assembly and testing, enabling us to provide cost-competitive solutions with shorter lead times.

For companies looking to strengthen their environmental brand and gain a foothold in the fast-growing e-mobility space, we provide:

- EV Wallbox and Commercial Charging Stations compliant with OCPP standards

- Portable Electric Vehicle Chargers

- AC/DC All-in-One Charging Systems

I would be happy to send the catalogs and technical specifications if that would be helpful.

I appreciate your time and consideration.