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Superb Sport Gears

by "Superb Sport Gears" <info@factorymadest.com> - 05-14-2024 14:56:18



Dear manager:

We specialize in producing intelligent sport products, such as cycling equipment,sport equipment,outdoor equipment,intelligent sport watch,intelligent sport earphones,intelligent sport massager. Welcome to ask catalog and test samples.

Intelligent sport cycling equipment, Cycle Smart Computer,bike high brightness head lights, electronic alarm disc brake lock, gloves,sunglass,bicycle bag.

Intelligent sports fitness,paying balls, runing equipment can enhance muscles and meet the needs of full body fitness,also suitable for yoga,swimming, dance training.

Multifunctional outdoor equipment,camping tents,sleeping bag,multi functional shoulder bag, backpack bag,suitable for various outdoor activities, such as camping, mountaineering,outings,picnic.

Intelligent health sport watch  monitor health,heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sleep and so on,especially suitable for sub-health and elderly used.

Intelligent sport bluetooth earphones and glasses, suit for hiking, running, cycling, driving.

Intelligent sport massager enhances muscle strength,assist in fitness exercises,

suitable for gyms and recovery fitness after intense exercise (such as playing football, basketball, swimming,runnning)

Best regards


Unqi technology co.,limited

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